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Using your school diary to record due dates really helps.

10 Habits of Highly Effective Students

"So if you want to become a successful student, don't get discouraged, don't give up, just work to develop each of the study habits below and you'll see your grades go up, your knowledge increase, and your ability to learn and assimilate information improve."

1. Don't attempt to cram all your studying into one session.

2. Plan when you're going to study.

3. Study at the same time.

4. Each study time should have a specific goal.

5. Never procrastinate your planned study session.

6. Start with the most difficult subject first.

7. Always review your notes before starting an assignment.

8. Make sure you're not distracted while you're studying.

9. Use study groups effectively.

10. Review your notes, schoolwork and other class materials over the weekend.

Source Education Corner Education the Matters by Becton Loveless