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Library Homepage: How To's

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How To

Unsure of how to access and utilize the features offered by the Information Hub? Check out the informative help guides on this page. 

Password reset

Resetting your password maybe required from time to time and for a variety of reasons. It only takes a few seconds to complete so please visit the helpful I.T. staff to have it done. 

I-Pad Loans

If you would like to borrow an I-Pad for use during lesson time, or of a lunch break, please come to the Information Hub service and loans desk, where one of the friendly Information Hub staff members will loan you out an I-Pad.

How to use the printer

Logging In:

Logging into the printer is easy, if you have a student or teacher I.D. card, simply wave it over the marked area and it will automatically log you in. If you do not have a student I.D. card, you can use the touch pad to log in by typing in either your username or your student number, followed by entering your password in.


To photocopy on the printer, you first must pull the top up and insert your work face down into the top left hand corner of the screen. Pull the lid down before signing into the printer. Click on 'Access Device', then click on 'Info Hub', followed by clicking on 'Copy'. The printer will as you how many copies you would like to make, once you type in the number using the touch screen, press on 'Enter' and the printer will start to copy your items. 

Scan to Email:

To scan an item and send it to your email account, pop your item on the scanning screen of the printer before logging into the printer. Click on the 'Scan' option, before clicking on 'Scan to Email'. Check the settings on the page (colour, etc) and ensure that they meet your requirements. If you are scanning multiple pages please click on "Prompt for more pages". Once that is done, you can click on 'Start'. 


To print, simply press print on your word document and send it to our printer. Then once you log into the printer, you will see three options pop up. On the left will be an option called, 'Print Release'. Click on Print Release and then wait while the printer quickly prints out your documents. 

If you need to print from your USB please ensure you save the document as a .PDF file. 

Searching Oliver

Loans and Returns

Items like novels, magazines and DVD's are available on the shelves to be borrowed by students and staff. This is how to borrow an item:

  • Bring the item you wish to borrow up to the Information Hub desk.
  • Please present your student identification card, or tell us your surname or student number.
  • We will find you on our system and scan the item out to you. 


To return a borrowed item, please follow these steps:

  • Open door on the returns slot outside of the Information Hub building. 
  • Place items into the slot and close the door.

Another way to return items, especially fragile items such as I-Pads, laptops or chargers is to:

  • Bring them into the inside of the Information Hub, and approach the loans desk. 
  • You can sit them on the desk and inform the person sitting at the desk, that you wish to return your items. 
  • We will take the item from you and scan the barcode, returning it back into our system. 
  • You do not need to tell us your name or show us your I.D. card when you return an item. 
  • Please ensure that all electronic devices, and anything fragile, is returned to the desk personally, and not put through the returns slot.