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Library Homepage: Printing

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Printing Information

Got questions about printing? Please check out our helpful How To guide to learn more!

Printing Credit

Every student has $10 added to their printing account at the start of every year. If you run out, please come and see us in the Information Hub where we can assist you in topping up your printing credit. 

Printing from a USB stick

If you need to print from your USB stick, please ensure that you have saved your document as a .PDF file first. Then you can plug the USB stick into the printer and access the file to print. 

Printing from a laptop

When using a school device and you wish to print, please go to the top left of your word document and press the File button. Scroll down and click on Print, afterwards double check that the settings are how you wish them to be. Once it is right, please print Print and head to the printer. Use your school log in details, student ID and computer password, to log yourself into the Printer. If you have your student I.D. card with you, you can wave it in front of the marked area and it will automatically log you into your printing profile. Click on Print Release to print your documents from the printer.