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Library Homepage: Using the Printer

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How to use the Information Hub Printer and the Trade Training Centre Printer

There are two main printers located within the College that are accessible by both staff and students. One of these printers is located in the Information Hub, while the other printer is located in the Trade Training Centre. 

Using the printer

Logging In:

Logging into the printer is easy, if you have a student or teacher I.D. card, simply wave it over the marked area and it will automatically log you in. If you do not have a student I.D. card, you can use the touch pad to log in by typing in either your username or your student number, followed by entering your password in.


To print, simply press print on your word document and send it to our printer. Then once you log into the printer, you will see three options pop up. On the left will be an option called, 'Print Release'. Click on Print Release and then wait while the printer quickly prints out your documents. 


To photocopy on the printer, you first must pull the top up and insert your work face down into the top left hand corner of the screen. Pull the lid down before signing into the printer. Click on 'Access Device', then click on 'Info Hub', followed by clicking on 'Copy'. The printer will as you how many copies you would like to make, once you type in the number using the touch screen, press on 'Enter' and the printer will start to copy your items. 

Scan to Email:

To scan an item and send it to your email account, pop your item on the scanning screen of the printer before logging into the printer. Click on the 'Scan' option, before clicking on 'Scan to Email'. Check the settings on the page (colour, etc) and ensure that they meet your requirements. If you are scanning multiple pages please click on "Prompt for more pages". Once that is done, you can click on 'Start'.