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Library Homepage: Oliver - Library Search

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Using Oliver, you can search the Library catalogue for reading, viewing or study material of your choice. 

When can you use Oliver?

  • You can use Oliver in the Information Hub during lunch time, by accessing it on the touch screen computer. It's a great way of finding books that contain content of interest. It's also a great way to locate where the books are on the shelves, through the use of genrefication and the Dewey Decimal System. 
  • Oliver can be accessed from your personal home computer.

How to search Oliver


Access Student Portal


Click on Info Hub 


Click on Catalogue Search


Welcome to Oliver

What can Oliver offer you?

Oliver has a few different features that are of use to the Information Hub customers. Oliver can offer you:

  • Resources search. The ability to search the catalogue for books, DVD's, posters and audiobooks. This search can be done by genre. 
  • Holding. If you find a resource that you would like to borrow, but it says that it is already on loan, you can place it on hold so that it can be loaned to you upon it's return.
  • Teacher resources. For school staff, the teacher resources that are available in on both Libguides and within the Information Hub, can be readily found within Oliver.