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Library Homepage: I-Pad Loans

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I-Pad loans

In the Information Hub, you can borrow out an I-Pad for use during classes or of a lunch time.  


Who to see

  • Come see the friendly staff at the Information Hub during class time, if your teacher sends you up, or during a lunch break, to borrow out an I-Pad.

How long can we borrow them for?

  • The I-Pads have a loan duration of a day, and need to be returned by the end of the day.
  • Students can borrow out one I-Pad each. 

Why an I-Pad?

  • Some I-Pads have particular programs or applications on them that cannot be accessed by a laptop. This can be helpful for lessons and for some assessment pieces. 
  • I-Pads also have a camera function on them, so they can be used to take photographs and videos, for classes and assessments.


How many do we have?

  • We currently have forty-two student I-Pads that are available for loan from the Information Hub.