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Reading and books: Readers' Cup

Readers Cup is a state wide competition that takes place in Queensland each year. It is open to students of all schools, be it public or private. The students participating each read a set of books, before they travel to a local competition where they compete against another team from a different school in a quiz, where they answer questions relating to the books that have been read during the Readers Cup challenges. The winner of the regional competition then goes on to compete in the state finals. Readers Cup is a fun and fantastic way to encourage and promote reading in students, as well as develop and encourage teamwork. Students undertaking Readers Cup get to pick which of the focus novels they wish to read, and after they have finished reading a novel they come to the Information Hub and mark it off on a chart, before picking a new novel. 

Team 2020

Congratulations to Faith Lutheran College representatives for the 2020 Readers' Cup Team!

They are:

Emily Bard, Jemimah Burton, Jade Armstrong, Indeanna Hendrickson, Jasmine Karrasch, Cooper Smyly, Tanisha Lal, Naomi Rayner, Tayla Whyatt and Olivia Ropati. 
Coach: Gwendolyn Vaness.

Readers Cup 2021

The 2021 Readers Cup team is split into a team for Grade Seven, and a team for Grade Eight. Students on the Grade Seven team are:

Millie Sommerlad, Isabella Lehmann, Mesha Goodman-Jones, Annabelle Cave and Charlotte Slocombe.

Students on the Grade Eight team are:

Emily Bard, Courtney Crawford, Will Langbien, Tanisha Lal.

The Grade Seven and Grade Eight Reader Cup teams of 2021, are reading five novels. The novels are: A Darkness of Dragons by S.A. Patrick, Sick Bay by Nova Weetman, Dark Blade by Steve Feasey, Hive by A.J. Betts and Inheritance by Caroline Wilkinson.