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Year 10 English: Term 4

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Black Plague

What is the Black Plague? 

The Plague, also known as The Black Plague, The Black Death and The Pestilence, is the name given to the pandemic that occurred when the Bubonic Plague ravaged the medieval world during the 1340's. 

Books available in the InfoHub

  • The Black Death - 940.1 BLA
  • Europe and the Middle Ages - 940.1 EUR
  • Investigate and Understand the Middle Ages - 909.07 MCN
  • Understanding People in the Past: The Middle Ages - 909.07 QUI
  • Medieval Realms: Daily Life - 940.1 CHR
  • Archers, Alchemists and 98 Other Medieval Jobs You Might Have Loved or Loathed - 940.1 GAL
  • The Top Ten Events That Changed The World - 940 GAN
  • Timelines of World History - 902 TEE
  • Timelines of World History - 909 CHI
  • The Almost Complete History of the World - 909 CUM


Movies from the InfoHub

The following DVD's are available for loan from the Information Hub.  Please note that your teacher will need to borrow these resources.                                       

  • Lady and the Tramp.                                              G (1956) - One Copy
  • Porco Rosso.                                                        PG (1992) - One Copy
  • The Fox and the Hound.                                        G (1981) - One Copy